Our Story!

Hello and Welcome to HEAVEN BLOOM, this is our story of how HB was created:

Lyrian Cavazos had her fair share of knockbacks when she was building her brand. Rising despite the odds, her knack for understanding the industry stood strong above all. Founder and CEO of Heaven Bloom, an exclusive clothing brand for girls, she started her entrepreneurial journey in 2015. However, the launch was not easy for her when she discovered her youngest child was fighting cancer and at the same time, she was managing her pregnancy of her first daughter. Occupying herself during the hospital confinement with her son for 7 months, Lyrian inclined her interests in creating hair accessories and toddler clothing for welcoming her daughter which eventually grew as a business. Aligning her philanthropy with her aims, she dreams to ceaselessly grow her brand and provide support and funding to childhood cancer foundations. Today, Lyrian is one of the thriving entrepreneurs of the industry who wears her struggles like armour. With boundlessly inspiring every mother out there, she shares her candid glimpses on Instagram of adventures and happy stories.